A Year for Beyond the Point

BTP Joe 30/12/2013

This year will probably be a year like no other for us! The many locations we have been to, awards received and of course the people we have met! It has been an AMAZING year and we are looking forward to another year of exploring, revealing and filming! We have put together a short video to sum up, what we think are the top 8 moments of 2013. You can view our WordPress summary here.


So what do we have planned for next year?

Well, one of the main things that we will be doing is interviewing local residents. We know that Canvey, Southend and around has many fascinating people with a story to tell! Whether you’re an athlete or a War Soldier we want to hear your stories and keep them as a permanent memory forever. We are also teaming up with Globlue Media Productions. Owned by BTP Joe, this will enable us to get involved in events that are not entirely historic and still film them, with the finished product being uploaded to their YouTube channel. This is a move we are keen to approach as we have engaged a lot with the community throughout 2013 including filming a promotional video for Spirited Encouters, news style coverage of the C.D.S charity concert and filming artists at the Canvey Christmas lights. The ‘Explore Your Archive’ campaign has just been launched (see photos here) and we will continue to support this.

With over 50,000 views on the website, 300 likes on Facebook and over 25,000 views on Youtube…..

Thank You!

From both Liam and myself, we hope that you have a happy and healthy 2014.

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