Beyond the Point to visit Bullwood Hall Prison

BTP Joe 13/11/2016

Beyond the Point has been given special access to go inside Bullwood Hall Prison to photograph and film the site ahead of demolition early next year.

HMP Bullwood Hall was closed along with six other prisons as part of multi-million pound cost saving plan by the Ministry of Justice. Built in the 1960’s, the prison could house up to 250 inmates – all of which were female until 2006 when it was converted into a Category C male prison, due a shortage of male prisons. In January 2013 it was announced by the Government that Bullwood Hall would be closing and within two months the prison closed for good. Redevelopment proposals were submitted in 2015 which included plans for 60 residential homes.

But we won’t be the first people to have filmed at the site – in 2002 a documentary series on ITV called “The Real Bad Girls” was filmed at the prison.

We’re looking to speak with former staff members, inmates or visitors to the prison as part of our coverage. This will be a chance to contribute your memories of the site as part of our coverage. If you wish to contact us about Bullwood Hall, please complete the form below.

We understand that some people won’t want to be named in our feature. If you do not want to be named, please state this in your message. – Unfortunately we cannot allow people to return with us to the prison. 

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