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BTP Joe 17/07/2020

Today marks nine years since we first founded Beyond the Point – originally intended as an occasional blog for our bike rides however today it’s much more than that!

This is our second website design since establishing the website and today we’re announcing that a brand new website is in development! Currently people can only read and access our content on here via a desktop computer and behind the scenes the software is getting older and older. Our new site will load content faster and will work across tablets, phones and of course the classic desktop PC!

This will be the first of many celebrations to mark ten years of exploring historic remains and will go live in January 2021. In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to transfer around 300 articles, one by one, over to the new site, including all of the photos and videos. As a result, we’ll only be publishing our YouTube videos every month or so.

You can find out more, and see how the new site looks, in our video below:

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  • David Horwood
    September 6, 2020 at 8:38 am

    Hello ,discovered your excellent site by chance. My question is do you organise ‘expeditions ‘ to some of these places you show on the site .for instance mulberry harbour. Warley asylum ? I have a great interest in those type of abandoned places . Thanks Dave


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