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D-Day 70th & Essex Remains

BTP Joe 06/06/2014

June the 6th 1944, shortly after midnight, 24,000 British, US, and Canadian, airborne troops landed in the region of France that the amphibious assault would capture around 6:30 in the morning that day. Allied troops began landed on the 50-mile stretch of perilous beaches of Nazi-occupied Normandy in…

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A Year for Beyond the Point

BTP Joe 30/12/2013

This year will probably be a year like no other for us! The many locations we have been to, awards received and of course the people we have met! It has been an AMAZING year and we are looking forward to another year of exploring, revealing and filming!…

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Explore Your Arch’ive

BTP Joe 29/10/2013

Hello everyone! Halloween is soon approaching which means that we will be releasing our Halloween special which is different to last year! We will be focussing on …… wait and see! As you may remember we won the overall award of Best National Community Archive…

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Interview with Wilko Johnson

BTP Joe 23/07/2013

Wilko displays the painting of his former secondary school he was presented with.

Born John Wilkinson, he changed his name to distinguish himself from the two other Johns in Dr. Feelgood. Recently, Joe and  I were privileged enough to be able to speak to Wilko…

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From Blog to Broadcast

BTP Joe 17/07/2013

Today marks Beyond the Point’s second birthday. This time two years ago, we had just returned to investigate the semi-buried remnants at the northern-most point of the Occidental Oil-Refinery on Canvey Island, which first sparked our interest when stumbled across the mysterious remains, which we first discovered days after the…

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