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Anti-Submarine Boom

BTP Joe 25/04/2016

Redesigned to block off Russian subs in 1950-53, the boom was originally built on a smaller scale out of wood in 1944 during World War Two to block off enemy vessels from entering the Thames and attacking anchored shipping. It was also…

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Airfield Anderson Shelter

BTP Joe 25/04/2016

Whilst exploring the site of Rochford Airfield, extending around the current London-Southend Airport, we came across what appeared to be an overgrown Anderson shelter used as a shed – seemingly abandoned. Thanks to guest Jack Swestun…

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The Unlikely Origins of Easter

BTP Liam 27/03/2016

We all know Easter as a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ. However it is believed its customs originate in ancient paganism that the Saxons worshipped, with eggs symbolizing new life at the dawn of spring. The word Easter derives from the pagan goddess of spring; ‘Eastre’. Of course…

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BTP Boys on Television!

BTP Liam 05/02/2016

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Less than two months into 2016, it’s already looking like a big and busy year for Beyond the Point! We have many exciting things to show off in the coming months, ranging from our Secrets of Severalls documentary,…

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