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Site Reaches 10,000 Website Hits

BTP Liam 05/04/2012

Yes, the big round number, 10,000, is how many website views that Beyond the Point has received since it’s launch 9 months ago! It’s extremely re-assuring and encouraging for us to know that people like the content that we are writing about. We have received fantastic support from…

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BTP in Your Canvey Magazine

BTP Liam 05/01/2012

2012 gets off to a good start with Beyond the Point being very popular. Our current website stats are 55 on average a day which is really great and encouraging for us! This could be partly due to Beyond the Point being mentioned in the popular ‘…

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BTP Features in Love Canvey Magazine

BTP Liam 19/12/2011

Christmas is coming as is pretty obvious, although you’re going to have to take a look at the site tomorrow if you want to receive a true Beyond the Point Merry Christmas, complete with a present for all… Come back tomorrow and all will be revealed!

For now I’d like to thank Tom Jea (who is…

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Canvey Island Monster Returns Spoof Film

BTP Liam 30/10/2011


Late last week, disturbances occurred in Western Canvey which broke BBC  news. Families were told to stay in their houses up until the following day as a strange marine life-form was found washed up on the shores near…

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Walk Around Canvey

BTP Liam 16/10/2011

Hello all! BTP Liam and I had a great day yesterday as we explored the CK69 boat at Smallgains Boat Yard, we passed by the Telephone line at Thorney Bay and we stopped at Dead Mans Point! We set off from BTP Liam’s house and biked along the sea wall that runs parallel to Hadleigh…

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Logo, Branding & Your Views

BTP Liam 05/08/2011

Beyond the Point now has a logo! I did sketch one which I think looks better, although it was too complex to be a simple ‘trademark’ logo. Here it is, and it can be seen in the bottom right of every page. It depicts Canvey Point, with the lettering ‘BTP’…

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Opening Statement

BTP Liam 17/07/2011

Hi, it’s Joe and Liam at Beyond the Point (BTP) here. We created this blog to archive and record our adventures and to learn about your experiences and knowledge on Canvey Island, and the surrounding Castle Point. Every now and then, we plan out biking rides to remote areas of…

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