‘A12’ ROC Post

Wickford, Rayleigh, Hockley, & South Woodham

Property Description

Due to the impressive condition of this ROC Post, Beyond the Point has chosen to disguise its precise location.

Situated close to the A12, this immaculately preserved ROC Post hasn’t been touched for years and is pretty much a time capsule. Built in the June of 1959, a month before the one at Hatfield Peverel, the site holds many relics that would have been in the bunker when it was first opened including old bedding, fire blankets, ‘fall-out’ charts and even the old lav! From the roadside the ROC is covered up well, heavily overgrown and hard to see. As we ventured down into this nuclear bunker (do give our vlog a watch!) the shaft still had the old warning signs on! Once we reached the bottom, we were surprised by the lack of spiders and how well the 1959 structure was.


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