Admiral Jellicoe Pub

Canvey Island

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Canvey’s list of historic pubs have declined over the years, most have been converted into retail space (Silver Jubilee and the King Canute) however the Jellicoe hasn’t been fortunate enough to survive. The pub, and once a hotel, is thought to date back to the late 1920’s or early 1930’s and even survived the floods of ’53. The boozer is named after Admiral John Jellicoe, a naval commander from the First World War.

In March 2016, “bold” plans were announced to refurbish the pub with £300,000 being invested to modernise and spruce up the pub, but less than a year later, the pub was closed with steel shutting covering the windows and doors. It was announced in December that the 1930’s pub would likely to be demolished, having been bought for over £1 million. With locals annoyed that another piece of Canvey history would be going, Beyond the Point headed to the site to photograph it for one final time.

On June 4th 2019, Castle Point Council issued a ‘stop notice’ after illegal demolition of the building had taken place. The following month, on July 11th, flames ripped through the roof of the pub destroying the majority of the building and in August permission to finally demolish the pub was approved and the historic site was reduced to rubble, making way for 40 flats.



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