Brentwood Police Station

Greater Essex

Property Description

The Brentwood police station perimeter lies derelict on a plot of land quarantined by a construction fence. The structure is slowly falling into disrepair whilst it awaits development in the near future. We decided to try and work our way into the complex to discover what was inside before it goes. It was built in 1937 and it’s exterior reflects the art deco fashions of the 1930s. It appears fairly modern inside although a few details nod to its historic origins – such as its staircase, pillared entrance, and panelled ceiling. It’s eerie interior still contains holding cells. The station was closed to the public in April 2016 and vacated completely late in the following year. It closed because it was decided that such large infrastructure was unnecessary to the police force – money would be better spent on personnel. Residential development is soon to occur with the construction of 70-100 dwellings – some new and some adapting the existing structures. We managed to enter the abandoned complex, eventually working our way into the courtyard and main building.

On the grounds of the site was a flooded concrete-lined tunnel buried under the earth. This was almost-certainly an air raid shelter for people working at the station during World War Two. It stepped down at the entrance and ran off into a tunnel to the left which was flooded. The tunnel’s outline could be seen above-ground buried under a mound of earth similar to a Stanton air-raid shelter. In wartime, it was a requirement for workplaces to provide their employees with shelter, so this makes sense.



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