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Whilst we don’t camp often at Beyond the Point, we do occasionally get the tent and the gas cooker out. In 2013 we conducted a trek along the other side of the Rive Thames to the side we are most used to – North Kent. We traveled from Gravesend to Cliffe and explored many of the historic forts and an explosives factory along the way. As preparation for this, we reviewed and trialed much of the kit we bought and you can see this for yourself below.

With camping, I would say the main factors you must consider for it to be a success are packing the essentials, weight to carry, distance to travel, weather, and what can be obtained along the way if you plan to camp as part of a hike. With all this considered you can then decide what luxuries it is worth taking.

Water and food are vital, and you do not want to find yourself short when consuming lots of energy or it is a very hot day. However, rather than carrying it all in one, it’s worth seeing what you could obtain on your adventure before you set off. For example, you can forage enough plants for a meal in most parts of the UK at most times of the year. Water is of course very heavy but in the Summer months even a vast quantity may not be enough for several people including boiling and washing as well as drinking.



See the footage from our camping trip below:


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