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Canvey Island

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Beyond the Point is covering the re-build of Canvey Island Football Club’s clubhouse. Plans were submitted in February 2016 and building work is well underway for a new Community Centre to be built by the end of the year. The original building has been standing until 1947 and it was fully operational until it shut for demolition. The aeging building meant that restoration wouldn’t have been viable so a new building is underway at a cost of £300,000. Most of the records about the club prior to 1953 were lost in the North Sea floods of that year. You can keep up-to-date with the progress here or at the club’s Facebook Page.

February 25th 2016

These final 3 photos are perhaps the most interesting. The first two photos are from the club’s old changing rooms with the clothes hooks and showers units still in place. The third image also shows the metal strips embedded in the concrete where the plays would have walked out from.

One month on – March 24th 2016

Before & After

July 12th 2016



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