Cliffe Explosives Factory

North Kent

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Also known as ‘Curtis & Harvey’s Explosive Factory’ the site is now accompanied by loads of sheep, in which looking at pictures from last year, are a modern addition! According to

The factory began life as a Gunpowder Works, established in 1892 by Hay, Merricks and Company, gunpowder makersof Roslin, Scotland. It was a specialised Gunpowder Works engaged only in the finishing operations of gunpowder manufacture, namely blending, dusting and packing. A jetty was constructed to receive and dispatch powder and the original licence plan showed it was intended to construct 14 buildings. However, it appears that only two buildings were erected. An amending licence was issued and the site was used for the storage of explosives and electrical detonators, with a potential capacity of 400 tons. During the Great War Curtis’s and Harvey at Cliffe was listed as a place where gunpowder was either manufactured or stored.

The closest explosives factory to Canvey is Wat Tyler in which you can read BTP Liam’s in depth post here. The aerial photo below just shows how big the site was! Unfortunately there’s so little information available on the site although we did come across this, the inquest following the explosion.

Cliffe Explosives Factory – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



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