Concrete Barge

Canvey Island

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Ferro-Concrete barges were used to keep artificial ‘Mulberry Harbours’ afloat used by the allies in D-Day as checkpoints in the English Channel. One was thought to have drifted off of the broken Mulberry harbour that lies out in the Thames opposite Shoebury/Southend. Using our Time Tool below, you can see then and now photos of the Barge.

Ever since this Canvey icon was believed to have been destroyed in 2003, by the sailing club at the Point, not wanting a piece of history within view (instead referring to it as an eyesore), we’ve all accepted – albiet difficult – that our Concrete Barge was gone, blown up overnight. Her 1940’s hull still infact remains at Canvey Point. Although only the very base of this hulk remains, it still shows considerable concrete work, with metal rods protruding, giving an idea of her size. I took a small rod, hoping it will one day be a relic! The remnants are worth seeing, so go and take a look. Below are our finds:



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