Hans Egede Shipwreck

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Hans Egede Shipwreck – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

What would be a seemingly insignificant shipwreck actually actually has a fascinating history.

Dutch-built ship ‘Hans Egede’ currently lies half destroyed and rotting along the Kent coast. There’s no hope of it ever being used again; only left for nature to continue eroding it. But how did it come to be rotting in Cliffe?

Named after a Norwegian missionary (Hans Poulsen Egede) the three-masted ship was built in 1922. In August 1955 the ship sustained fire damage and was towed to Dover. The fire damage isn’t thought to have been too serious, as in 1957 the vessel was used for storing coal and grain along the River Meadway. The ships’ final journey was heading London-bound along the Thames, being towed by a tug from Gravesend. Having not been sufficiently repaired previously, the strain from the tug became too much and caused the boat to start flooding. The ship was finally left at Cliffe, where it still lies.



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