Hatfield Peverel ROC & Orlit Post

Wickford, Rayleigh, Hockley, & South Woodham

Property Description

In a field parallel to the A12 lies two remains from the Cold War. Opened in July 1959 is the Royal Observers Corps (ROC) Post at Hatfield Peverel – built to monitor the radiation of a nuclear bomb; if one was ever dropped. Situated right next to the ROC post is a is a Type B Orlit post which was used to spot any aircraft flying over the Essex skies. Sadly both aren’t in the best condition, with the ROC post worse than the Orlit Post. After the BTP boys descended down the entrance shaft – and trying not to dodge the cobwebs – we entered the main room of the monitoring post, littered with debris and graffiti. Not many original features remain below ground, just parts of the wood on the wall. Considering the shaft doesn’t have any sort of lid on-top, it was surprising to see that it wasn’t waterlogged. Climbing up the adjacent Orlit post, the steps on this were a bit worse for wear however some of the original metal mounts still remain on the structure. Some of the concrete debris next to these Cold War remnants looks like the remains of the old fence.

Hatfield Peveral ROC Post – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



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