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When walking between Newtavern and Shornead Fort in Gravesend, we pass through Milton industrial estate on the eastern outskirts of Gravesend connected to a Thames-side wharf to the north and canal to the south. We have done this wharf both back in Summer 2013 on our camping expedition across Gravesend and Cliffe, and again in early 2016 when we took the ferry from Tilbury to Gravesend across the Thames. Both occasions were visited with guests Jack Swestun and on the second, Michael Clark. This area doesn’t seem to have much history of note as far as we have investigated yet, although it is full of old warehouses of varying age. Some are adorned with very old pasted notices and faded sign-work. A cracking piece of urban decay worth sharing nonetheless. To the east of the site is the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre; where full scale riot drills are carried out and many room clearing practices are performed in purpose-built blocks. To the east of this is Milton Firing Range where the estate meets the countryside.



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