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It is well-known that Colchester has strong origins in the Roman conquest of Britain in 43 AD. It was the first Roman legionary fortress established in Britain; named Camulodunum. The legionaries moved away around around 49 AD and the settlement became a ‘colonia’ – a residential colony. Camulodunum was the Roman capital of Britain. The town was attacked and destroyed by Boudica’s Celtic rebellion in 61 AD. Its town walls, which survive in part, were built as part of the town’s reconstruction between c.65 to 80 AD.

In 2004, the Colchester Archaeological Trust found the buried remains of a Roman circus underneath part of the old garrison. A circus was a chariot race track and this is the only one found in Britain. Part of it is now left exposed in a park, and clear screens and a metal frame allow you to envisage the scale and appearance of this once enormous structure. The circus has a centre which you can visit Mondays to Saturdays 9am till 4pm. A nearby children’s play area reflects the ovular shape of the track.

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