Sainte-Cecil & Harledot Plage Atlantik Wall

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This page documents a fascinating chance discovery by BTP Liam whilst on holiday in Northern France in Summer 2012. Whilst the photographs are quite poor quality and feature a rare glimpse at an extremely youthful-looking BTP Liam, they may be of interest to future explorers. There was plenty more remains along the coast that I didn’t manage to convince my parents to look at at the time, including several partially-collapsed networks of tunnels and gun emplacements up on the land.

Many of the D-Day beaches are littered with remnants from Hitler’s ‘Atlantik Wall’; his coastal defence line against invasion in Northern France which defended German territory from the Allies in D-Day. Only part of this came to use, as Hitler did not know what part of his European coastline would be invaded. The section featured here between Sainte Cecile-Plage and Harledot-Plage did not see use in 1944; the allies instead deciding to land further west along the northern coast in Normandy.

Below are some images of such bunkers which bear designs that would probably have been common across the sections of coastline invaded in D-Day.



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