Wells Fireworks Factory

North Kent

Property Description

Now an overgrown brownfield site, this was once the factory for one of the leading fireworks companies in the whole of the UK. Joseph Wells was the founder of ‘Wells Fireworks’ and established it in Dartford in 1837. He learnt his trade as an explosive lighter man, working along the Thames. The company rapidly became the leading display company in the UK and even provided fireworks for Royal Family jubilee’s and coronations. The Kent company even went international, providing displays for the Olympics and even Disneyland.

In the 1970’s, financial pressure started to mount on the company as imported fireworks from China were becoming cheaper and easier to get. Wells were forced to close this site, with the company relocating to Sussex, and specialising in pyrotechnics for the entertainment industry. In 2003 Wells Fireworks was purchased by Pyrojunkies who moved the company head office back to its home in Dartford, although at a different site. Maintaining the factory in Sussex, they now produce fire, snow and explosions for the likes of X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and many more.

360 Degree Photos

Wells Firework Factory #theta360uk – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Wells Firework Factory #theta360uk – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Kitchen Area

Construction & Storage Sheds

Source: http://www.wellsfireworks.co.uk/



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