Wing QF Battery

Tilbury & East Tilbury

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The Quick-Firing ‘Wing Battery’ just south-west of Coalhouse Fort inland of Coalhouse Point was constructed in 1893 to counter enemy torpedo boat technology which presented itself as a new potential threat to shipping in the Thames. It would have housed four 6-pounder quick firing guns each capable of unloading 25 rounds per minute. These were far better suited to combating such fast-moving targets than the large slow breech-loading guns at Coalhouse Fort. The battery had a small moat; surviving, and an unclimbable fence which has since disappeared. Around 1890, a minefield in the Thames was established between Coalhouse, Cliffe, and Shornemead forts, supporting the battery which helped to defend it. There was also a Defence Electric Light (searchlight) emplacement here assisting the battery, as well as a potential shelter. Find out about the battery’s role and its remains here in detail with EH’s detailed survey guide.



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