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BTP Joe 29/10/2013

Hello everyone! Halloween is soon approaching which means that we will be releasing our Halloween special which is different to last year! We will be focussing on …… wait and see! As you may remember we won the overall award of Best National Community Archive this year, (the picture of the left is a bit of a hint!) and we are getting involved with a project called ‘Explore Your Archive’.

Explore Your Archive

“The Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland) and The National Archives have come together to create a new campaign to raise awareness of archives, their value to society and the impact they have, every day, on individual lives. We want more people to understand and value archives of all types local, university, business, specialist, private and national archives. We also want to reach a more diverse audience and to strengthen our relationships with current archive users. Many people indirectly benefit from archives without realising.

Archives are amazing because without them we wouldn’t know if this summer is the ‘hottest on record’, we wouldn’t have such historically rich novels and films, we wouldn’t know about the lives of our significant artists, and we wouldn’t be able to revisit controversial and compelling legal cases from years gone by.”

As me and Liam won the award, we have been invited to the Houses of Parliament next month to the launch of the biggest ever public awareness drive in the community archive sector! We’re really getting a feel for the what I call celebrity status!

If you would like to support us and other community archives then please share the link for the campaign, http://www.exploreyourarchive.org/

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