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BTP Liam 05/08/2011

Beyond the Point now has a logo! I did sketch one which I think looks better, although it was too complex to be a simple ‘trademark’ logo. Here it is, and it can be seen in the bottom right of every page. It depicts Canvey Point, with the lettering ‘BTP’ beyond it. The sense of uncovering the unknown is added by the ivy vines…

The logo has long since changed to the ‘BTP signpost’ seen below:

528535_509766832378852_1992505264_n - Copy

Hello, it’s BTP Joe and Liam here, and we’ve got news for you.

We have created a forum for Beyond the Point, and you can access it in our ‘links’ section to the left – post a comment, share some thoughts, or release your knowledge, and we’ll happy to hear! Get the discussion going…

Today, we will be dropping of some leaflets to Canvey Island library, and also displaying our fancy poster – pop on down and check it out!  Below we’ve included our poster, so print one of and spread them around.

We’ve also below displayed the front cover of our leaflet so you know what to look out for!

BTP Liam and myself are currently working together to bring a new page to you titled BTP, Behind the Scenes.

The page will include video tutorials filmed on our adventures explaining our goals for that particular adventure, in depth guides to the equipment that we set off with, ourselves travelling through the thick over growth and many more interesting things, such as, how to walk through weeds, bigger than you!

These will appear on the website within the next few months along with a chance to download a free interactive map, allowing you to explore where we have been, what we did there and also what we found.

BTP Liam and myself will keep you updated!

What would you like to know?

All good things must come to an end, including holidays and I am now back home from Lake Garda, Italy, ready to continue our expeditions and historical blogging, but this time I thought that I might do something a little bit different….

Is there an area on Canvey Island or beyond the point that you would like us to visit and blog about? Well here is your chance to nominate the place!

BTP Liam and myself will bike to places that you choose and blog back our information! Perhaps you know a place that is ready to be explored, or one that is difficult to be explored by foot, so we can use our GPS systems and satellite images to get there and develop a safe route. As we explained in our mission statement, we set off with photography equipment, handheld transceivers and sometime excavation equipment so we can guarantee that our findings will be no less that outstanding!

Beyond the Point is all about enhancing people’s views and knowledge of the local area and what better to do than askyou, where to go?

If you have a suggestion, question or point that you would like to make, please either contact us, or post a comment on this post and we will get back to you shortly!

As you can see below, we a dedicated to uncovering the ‘unknown’

BTP Joe Using his Handheld Transceiver

BTP Liam Examining a Find

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